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The original food photography course. Workshops, classes and one to one tuition on how to photograph food. In London with William Reavell Photographer


My ebook is a step by step guide in styling, arranging and working with food for the camera.  An eighty page guide with over one hundred photographs. Sharing my knowledge and experience as a food photographer working in collaboration with a food stylist, Rachel Miles.

System requirements; Your reader, device or computer needs to have a PDF reader, adobe acrobat for exmaple, microsoft word or Mac Preview to read the ebook available o this website. For Ipads using ibooks files purchase in the ibook store. Download free sample to check compatability.  For PDF format purchase here.  ibook format for ipad purcahase here

Food Styling For Photography PDF format

PDF format. My book on food styling for photography.

System requirements; Your reader, device or computer needs to have a PDF reader, adobe acrobat for exmaple, microsoft word or Mac Preview to read the ebook. For Ipads using ibooks files purchase in  the ibook store here. Download free sample to check compatability.

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This is a really helpful guide to food styling that demystifies all the tricks of the trade. It covers many skills that usually take years of trial and error to learn on the job. Tonia George Food stylist and ex food editor of Waitrose Food Illustrated magazine

Ebru Ergen at

" I had the pleasure of attending one of William Reavell's photography courses last year. When I received the news that he had published a book on food styling and photography, I was very excited. Once I bought and read ' Food Styling for Photography', I was not disappointed. It is ideal for anyone (from beginners like me to professionals) who wants to create mouth watering food pictures for magazines, social media and cookbooks. It is an excellent book that gives you step by step guide on how to style and photograph your food (there are excellent tricks and tips on how to deal with meat and sauces which are difficult to style and photograph), the tools you would need as a stylist (inexpensive items such as cotton buds/ paper towels to wipe away unwanted mess on your plate), how to shape your food and keep it fresh and so much more! The breathtaking photographs (food styled here by Rachel Miles) in this book showcase William's extraordinary talent as a professional food photographer. What is great about William is that he is very down to earth and makes you believe that, with patience and sheer hard work, you too can achieve fantastic pictures no matter what level. Overall, it is a great resource and well worth buying!"

“Will has done a fantastic job of introducing the world of food photography in such a practical way, it makes a must read for anyone who is aspiring to become a food photographer or who wants to brush up their skills. He takes the time to really go into the detail of why and how and you can tell it reflects his vast experience in the field! A great book and a superb guide!” Sophia Handschuh
Food Writer |  Author | Product Designer

"Dear William, Just to congratulate you on your wonderful book. I enjoyed it thoroughly as it actually felt like we were discussing it in a class.
It is most informative for people like myself. and I am certain many others will share my view.
I wish you every success.

Warm regards,
Niloufer Mavalvala
Author & Founder -"

William Reavell Food Photographer and teacher at Food Photography Training . All images are copyright owned and are shown by kind permission. Food Photography Training is part of  William Reavell Photography.