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The original food photography course. Workshops, classes and one to one tuition on how to photograph food. In London with William Reavell Photographer


Congratulations to Magdalena on a winning photogrpah. We all loved this image. Thank you for all in taking part and creating a stunning gallery of pictures

William, Tara and Nicky.

By Magdalena Hendy, Strawberry Cake

The Winner

Strawberry cake by Magdalena Hendy.

What I liked; Lighting, composition, food arrangement and a sense of a special occasion. The props conjur up story of intimacy without being to obvious.

Nicky Collings liked; " This shot is wonderfully atmospheric in a delicate, yet messy and mouthwatering way. The styling of the cake is spot on, not too perfect, slightly messy with oozing jam and makes you want to dive in and eat it. The props are light, delicate and naturally styled which allows the cake to be the hero and to sing. "


Runner Up


S'mores by Ann-Kristin Wenzel

What I like; It is a eyecatching image. Messy, wobbly, dripping, straightforawrd styling. A picture that I am drawn to by its simplicity full of interesting textures.

Nicky Liked;"This shot has fantastic food styling and looks delicious. I want a spoon and to get stuck in! The styling of the stack is clever and creates a wonderful shape. The lighting on the chocolate looks dynamic. Capturing the ooziness has given it movement and a mouthwatering appeal. The nuts and splash of chocolate sauce at the bottom loosens up the shot, giving it a more natural feel. "



The Shortlist

A shortlist of the images which inspred us all and were considered possible winners. Nicky commented specifically on two images;

She wrote;

Both of these images have atmosphere, movement and a sense of place. The moodiness of the props and lighting really makes the richness of the food and the oil stand out. I feel like I’m in that kitchen and about to eat the delicious curry.

This shot is colourful and strong. The styling is perfect as the glass is subtle and allows the colour and texture of the drink to come through. The garnish works really well, it’s tasteful and not overbearing. The ingredients on the surface look naturally placed and again they allow the drink to be the hero of the shot. Lovely lighting and colours that make this cocktail look delicious and appealing.

For me the highlights are , the abstratct series of photos by Maria Costantina Seri were really good, interesting composition and strong aproach to food photography.

Dawn langely's pasta shells , so simple but very srtong image. The ice cream waffles by Ravinder Crone, Lovely close up the ice cream is perfect and the sauce arrangement is beautiful. Stacey Anrew's picture of a stack of pancakes with bannanas is a very strong imagge I like that one.

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